Just a follow up to my previous post that predicted a rebound after a sudden drop in the market.

Anyway, basically I was wrong; but wrong because of another event. You see on June 18th we started to see a drop in the market and I predicted that once it finished it’s course we would see a quick rebound (and then what happened after that was anybody’s guess).


However, some 36 hours later, right about when the rebound ‘probably’ would have happened, Bithumb got hacked and lost 31 million dollars; and hacks are never good for the market. Bitcoin is still in the red and never made the rebound I predicted, although with the news being 2 days old now I can’t imagine that this will last much longer.


So, long story short: yes I was wrong, but it was unexpected circumstances effecting a market-cycle prediction. Hopefully my accuracy will resume again. Sorry if anybody got burnt, but as I always say, do your own research.


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