Ripple, Ready to Rebound?
Ripple’s Price. Source:

Remember Ripple’s pump at the very beginning of 2018? It went from about 20 cents all the way up to $3.65, right before crashing to about 48 cents and then beginning on a slow climb again. Well, I think that it is going to rise quickly and then have another crash.

As you can see to the right, Ripple went crazy high and then dropped like a stone. A classic bubble example, although I think that the next rise and crash is already beginning to start. Here is my cut and dry prediction of what Ripple’s market will do.


What is Ripple?

Ripple is a pretty generic cryptocurrency. It has goals similar to Bitcoin (being a decentralized payment system), but that’s about it. You can read about it at if you want to know more about it, of course in the world of crypto investments hype and bubbles always control the market; and I’d bet half the investors in Ripple don’t even know what it is (this is not what I would recommend, but it’s the unfortunate truth).


My Prediction

I predict a simple rise and fall in the coming months. It probably will not exceed $3 very much because that will be a physiological “glass ceiling” since that was the high right before the crash.

Of course I can’t be sure (and this is not financial advice), just speculation of a volatile market.