A note for my blog readers: I posted the original post on Steemit before I even created my blog. However, since now I’m syndicating my content across both platforms I’m posting this update on both. You can read my original post here.

Three months ago in March I posted a list of 5 cryptos that I expected to tank, or at least lose a lot of value. I know that this may seem a little late for a follow up, but this wasn’t some sort of signal based on breaking news; this was a prediction of the downfall (or beginning of the downfall) of certain coins, which takes time.

DASH (Formerly DarkCoin)

On March 6th (the day I posted the predictions) DASH was at $575. Today it’s sitting at $274.92, about 48% of it’s value when I made the prediction. I would say that was pretty spot on, right? Maybe not quite as much as I expected, but close.


On March 6th ZCash was at $381. However, soon after I predicted it’s fall news broke out about it’s adoption, followed by a pump. However, the hype has subsided and it’s currently sitting at $207.83. Not quite what I expected, but it has decreased in price, so I guess I was not totally wrong.


On March 6th ETC was coming off a very large pump, so it’s fall was pretty easy to predict. It was at $27 on the 6th and it is currently sitting at $15.48. Not quite the drop I expected, but still a pretty big drop.

Bitcoin Gold

On March 6th BTG was sitting at $105, and like I expected, has dropped to 35% of it’s original price and is currently sitting at $37.

Litcoin Cash

I do not think that there was a trader in the world who did not see this coming. At March 6th Litcoin Cash was at $1.75 and is currently sitting at $0.05, a whopping 0.03% of it’s value at the time of my post.

Final Thoughts:

While I expected some more dramatic results from a few coins, every single coin I mentioned in that post has lost substantial value.

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