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I've posted a lot of market analysis lately, haven't I?


Anyway, over the last day or so the market has taken a turn for the worse bringing Bitcoin’s price to one of the lowest prices we have seen since the beginning of 2018 (at the time of me posting this Bitcoin is @ $6,528). Though, given the rise in price that we have seen recently it was not all that unlikely that Bitcoin’s price correct instead of hold it’s value.


Still though, it’s not all bad for you traders reading this. As I always like to say, when a price goes up or down suddenly for no major reason other then healthy fluctuation then it will tend to correct back a certain percentage. I doubt that this time is any different, so you can probably expect a quick rebound in the next 24-48 hours.


And for any non day traders you can just keep riding the wave, as I don’t think that this change in price is anything more than a normal fluctuation.


As always though, everybody is wrong sometimes and I’m no exception. Watch the market, do your own research, and place your bets carefully. Good Luck!


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