Quick Post Today:

After my last post: 10 Big Coins That Have Lost a Major Portion of Their Value it only felt right to do a post about coins that have lost all of their value. I did a little searching and everywhere I looked pointed me to the site deadcoins.com. A quick scroll to the bottom of the site and I saw this:



(source deadcoins.com)


Yup, 911 coins that were either scams or they ran out of nodes because of lack of a user base. I immediately searched for Melon Classic (a dead coin I am familiar with, though luckily I never invested in) and it did not come up in the list, meaning that this list is far from a complete list of every dead coin.


This was a great reminder to me that it is important to invest wisely and not just throw your money around, as there are probably a thousand plus (if not thousands) of start ups that were at one point holding a significant amount of value; yet now they are entirely worthless.


As always, trade safe!