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Quick Rant Post Today:

Finally, a post not about the market … and it’s about digital mosquito repellent. Half rant, half public service announcement, half science (yes, three halves – as you can see none of them are math though)…

A couple of days ago I ran into this app that claimed to be digital mosquito repellent via high pitch noise. Amazing right? First thing I did was download it and walk into the woods on a hot August day, and then I preceded to get bit a lot.


Okay, research time.


First link on my Google search: an article by the BBC explaining how electronic bug repellents don’t work; with the article wrapping up with the following (though I suggest you read the article yourself):

In fact, it is thought that female mosquitoes have a very weak sensitivity to sound in general. [which is important to note, seeing only female mosquitoes bite].

Not trusting just one source I did some more reading and found plenty of other articles saying about the same thing. Now, I’m not going to mention any specific products, but the e-repellent industry as a whole seems pretty much like a failure to me.


Anyone else try these with a different experience? Let me know below.


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