Chances are you have heard of PIVX before, DASH’s not instamined clone. Lately, with DASH dropping and the market’s instability I have been keeping a close eye on PIVX; unsure what it is going to do.


What Is PIVX?

For anybody who does not know, DASH was “instamined” by the developers which gave them a large amount DASH right off the bat. This was a very controversial move (although, then again, what’s not controversial) and a lot of people still consider DASH to be fraudulent to some degree. Eventually, the PIVX developers decided to create PIVX from the DASH code without the instamine.


Some of PIVX’s features are Masternodes, Optional Privacy, and a PoS algorithm. If this is your first time looking into PIVX I would highly recommend checking out PIVX’s webiste and it’s whitepaper.


Speculating On PIVX

It is pretty hard to speculate on PIVX’s price, with the entire market suffering at the moment. However, there is a chance that with DASH dropping in value the need for a coin with similar features might bring PIVX’s price up. That’s a pretty big “might” though, and I can’t be sure about it.


Where Can I Get PIVX?

PIVX is a sort-of popular coin already, so it can be traded on most markets. If it can’t be traded on your favorite market though then I would check out Binance, Bittrex, Yobit, or Cryptopia to name a few decent markets.


Of course you’ll do your own research first, right?


Final Thoughts:

I have been following PIVX for a while now, and although it may be unpredictable in the short term I do expect it to have it’s moment in the sun at some point.


Also, if PIVX interests you then you may want to stick around for my next article which will explain how to stake PIVX and earn dividends on your coins.


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