Quick Post Today

So, I saw an article recommended to me, and for once I clicked on it and read it through. It was titled “Willpower Doesn’t Work. Here’s the Key to Being More Productive According to Neuroscience” from medium.com. I found it really interesting; and even though it is not directly related to technology, given everyone could probably benefit from reading it, and because it seems like we all suffer from ADHD when browsing the internet, I figured I would share it anyway.


Long story short, the article covers why we often delay things that would better ourselves or do not do them entirely. It then delves into the short term-long term value of completing tasks and the psychology of why we are often lenient to short-term-small-payout tasks, as well as offering a potential solution to this predicament as well.


All in all, an interesting and potentially useful read. Check it out!