Happy Independence Day!

Photo by me (hence poor quality). Licensed as Public Domain, so reuse it as you wish (although credit is nice).



Happy 4th of July everyone. Have a nice night tonight and thank you to everyone who has served this country in any way!

To my Canadian readers: happy (late) Canada day, otherwise sorry to any international readers, but this portion of the post really won’t mean much to you.

Also, I figured I would take this short post to provide an update. I am going to be a bit busy for a while, and with writing taking the back burner there may be longer periods of time in between posts (in fact this is just a scheduled post, I’m probably busy right now).

If you are one of my few regular readers, don’t worry, I’ll resume in a week or two; I haven’t quit I’m just busy.

The Market Is Red: Be Careful, But Expect A Rebound – PART 2

Just a follow up to my previous post that predicted a rebound after a sudden drop in the market.

Anyway, basically I was wrong; but wrong because of another event. You see on June 18th we started to see a drop in the market and I predicted that once it finished it’s course we would see a quick rebound (and then what happened after that was anybody’s guess).


However, some 36 hours later, right about when the rebound ‘probably’ would have happened, Bithumb got hacked and lost 31 million dollars; and hacks are never good for the market. Bitcoin is still in the red and never made the rebound I predicted, although with the news being 2 days old now I can’t imagine that this will last much longer.


So, long story short: yes I was wrong, but it was unexpected circumstances effecting a market-cycle prediction. Hopefully my accuracy will resume again. Sorry if anybody got burnt, but as I always say, do your own research.


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Time To Better Syndicate My Content: Trying Steempress

source: wikipedia.org

Quick Post:

I am a blogger with my own blog T4CH.top, and also an active member of Steemit. Today I’m trying out the WordPress plugin SteemPress, basically it’s a way to easily syndicate my content across both Steemit and my blog without running into too many issues (hopefully).


Guess there’s really not much more to this post though, I’m just testing the compatibility of everything. Of course stick around if you want, I’ll be resuming to my normal posting now.

A follow up to my previous prediction

A few weeks ago I made a prediction that Bitcoin would hit a pump that would end with it sitting around $10,000 to $15,000 in the following weeks. I just figured I would follow up on that today.

Well, I was sort of right. The pump did occur in the coming weeks; however I over estimated it’s strength a bit, with Bitcoin hitting a high of $9932.53. It was pretty close to the minimum I predicted 3 weeks prior, although still not as high as I expected.