Bitcoin’s Price During The Past 7 Days


Quick Post Today:

As I have been known to say, whenever we see a a sudden change in price followed by a short period of time with no change in price there is almost always a sudden Bull or Bear run. As you can see, we appear to be gearing up for that run of some sort.


Given that Bitcoin has hovered slightly over 6k (which appears to be Bitcoin’s glass floor) the last few days I would hypothesize that that sudden change is going to be a Bull run (perhaps a jump of around 500$ in price); of course we also have to keep in mind the chance that Bitcoin has a bear run and ends up at around ~5k, although I think that is unlikely.


As always though, everybody is wrong sometimes and I’m no exception. Watch the market, do your own research, and place your bets carefully. Good Luck!


A note to my regular readers:

Like I said in my last post I’ve been fairly busy lately and writing has taken the back burner. This is the reason that the last two posts of mine have been short and spread out. Hopefully I can resume my normal pace soon.


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