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A technology blog that covers a broad range of technology – especially cryptocurrencies, privacy, and current events. Written by N4te


I’m Nathan (aka N4te or Nathan047). I am a technology enthusiast and partially through a Data Networking and Security degree.

I started writing articles to try to improve my writing skills, and somewhere along the line found out that I kind of enjoy writing about things that I like. I have tried participating in various blogs, wrote on Hubpages, and then finally tried Steemit (Steemit being the only platform I’m still active on). While those were nice, they really force you to be like the rest of the community. Getting my own site with my own domain is the most independent way I can blog.

So here I am. I will be writing meaningful articles a couple of times a week, mainly covering a broad spectrum of technology; with a focus on cryptocurrencies, privacy, and current events. If that sort of thing interests you then consider subscribing to me via email or my rss feed.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and familiarize yourself with this blog instead of just skimming over a post or two like most internet users do.