A Review of Android Browsers

Want to get the best out of your Android browsing experience? Then don’t make the mistake of using the browser preinstalled on your phone, instead you will probably want to “shop around” so-to-speak and try a couple until you find the one that best suits your needs. Sorry to you Apple users, but I’ve never had an IPhone and can’t help you here.

Don’t have the time to check out a bunch of random ones? Don’t worry, I have been switching back and forth between browsers since I had an Android 1.5 Device. Here are my results:


Chrome: The Best All-Round
I know that I said that you don’t want to stick with the default browser that came on your phone, but if your phone came with Chrome on it then you might just be good. Chrome has a great balance of speed, security, and ease of use; so if none of the other browsers mentioned here have a feature that catches your eye then you would probably do best to stick with Chrome.


Firefox: The Most Advanced
Although it tends to be a bit slower than Chrome, Firefox has the ability to install addons just like the desktop version (Chrome for mobile does not have this ability). For those who consider themselves power users, or those who just like their addons should really check out Firefox for Android.


Opera Mini: Very Lightweight
Although Opera browser seems to suffer a bit when compared to the top browsers, Opera Mini fills it’s own little niche. Weighing in at an only about 10mb to download (although a bit more when installed), it is extremely lightweight and works wonders on an older device. In addition to that, it also has a data saver setting which can help you when browsing on a device that has a data cap and a web page download option that way you can save a page and view it offline.


Dolphin: Lightweight & Plugins
A bit of a lesser known browser, dolphin is perfect for somebody who wants to install plugins but needs a more lightweight browser because one can’t run Firefox well on his device. The cons? I have found dolphin to be a little unstable and the plugins have to be installed as separate apps.


Tenta Browser: Built in Privacy
The last on this list, it is really only useful for those who value their privacy as it comes with a bit of a learning curve. With built in profiles and a free proxy service anybody looking for a little anonymity on their phone should give this a try.



Well, I hope that you gained something by reading this article. I encourage you to check out the browsers I’ve mentioned (and even ones that I have not mentioned) and find the one that best suits you. Believe me, even though it sounds trivial it can really make a huge difference for you if you do a lot of mobile browsing.


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