I tried E-Bug Repellent and it came back to bite me (literally)

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Quick Rant Post Today:

Finally, a post not about the market … and it’s about digital mosquito repellent. Half rant, half public service announcement, half science (yes, three halves – as you can see none of them are math though)…

A couple of days ago I ran into this app that claimed to be digital mosquito repellent via high pitch noise. Amazing right? First thing I did was download it and walk into the woods on a hot August day, and then I preceded to get bit a lot.


Okay, research time.


First link on my Google search: an article by the BBC explaining how electronic bug repellents don’t work; with the article wrapping up with the following (though I suggest you read the article yourself):

In fact, it is thought that female mosquitoes have a very weak sensitivity to sound in general. [which is important to note, seeing only female mosquitoes bite].

Not trusting just one source I did some more reading and found plenty of other articles saying about the same thing. Now, I’m not going to mention any specific products, but the e-repellent industry as a whole seems pretty much like a failure to me.


Anyone else try these with a different experience? Let me know below.


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New Lows And A Potential Rebound?

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I've posted a lot of market analysis lately, haven't I?


Anyway, over the last day or so the market has taken a turn for the worse bringing Bitcoin’s price to one of the lowest prices we have seen since the beginning of 2018 (at the time of me posting this Bitcoin is @ $6,528). Though, given the rise in price that we have seen recently it was not all that unlikely that Bitcoin’s price correct instead of hold it’s value.


Still though, it’s not all bad for you traders reading this. As I always like to say, when a price goes up or down suddenly for no major reason other then healthy fluctuation then it will tend to correct back a certain percentage. I doubt that this time is any different, so you can probably expect a quick rebound in the next 24-48 hours.


And for any non day traders you can just keep riding the wave, as I don’t think that this change in price is anything more than a normal fluctuation.


As always though, everybody is wrong sometimes and I’m no exception. Watch the market, do your own research, and place your bets carefully. Good Luck!


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Coinmarketcap Glitch Caused Pump — An Article by Coindesk

Quick Post Today:

I usually avoid posting nothing but a link to an article, that way I can keep my content fresh and unique to my little corner of the internet. However, recently there was a glitch in coinmarketcap that hyper inflated a lot of coins. The story broke a few days ago, but I only found out last night.


Anyway, I just figured I’d best spread the word; so if you want to read about it (and I figure it is probably good information to know), then check it out below:

CoinMarketCap Says Data Glitch Boosted Its Crypto Price Numbers



Celebrating 50 Rep on Steemit


This really only pertains to Steemit, but given the fact that a good portion of my readers read my content there I figured I would just post this on both Steemit and my blog.


Quick Post Today:

Back in April (before I even started this blog) I set a goal for June, and part of that was to hit a reputation of 50. While I never really reached most of those goals I have still been aiming for them and just recently hit my goal for a good reputation, albeit 2 months late.


I would like to shout out to #NewbieResteemDay for giving me a jump start and @steempress-io for curating my content; as well as all of my regular readers. Thanks everyone!


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Bitcoin’s Price Is About To Do Something — PART 4

Bull - CC0, From Pixabay.com
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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Over the past 3 weeks I have made predictions of Bitcoin’s price (with decent accuracy, if I do say so myself) in a series of posts.


In post three I said that were were more then likely going to see another bull run coming. The price then was at $7,400. Ten days later the price is sitting at $8,127, up more then $700. Again, don’t mind me patting myself on the back…


Anyway though, the bull run appears to have subsided (at least for the moment) with Bitcoin being down 0.97%. I honestly could not tell you what is going to happen next, so be sure to keep an eye on the market – no always keep an eye on the market and don’t take my word as fact.


I hope that you have found this mini series of posts useful and informative. As always, you can find more content by me by following me by email, on my blog, or on steemit.

3 Mini Hacks for Android

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I know what you are thinking, this is going to be the same cheesy advice you can find on anywhere on any technology blog. But this is where you are wrong, today I am going to share 3 different “mini hacks” that are not as widely known and that may just come in handy.


Set Your Date Back

Want to squeeze another day to finish that ebook/audiobook you got from the library? Is that game going to make you wait 24 hours unless you make a micro transaction? Try setting your phone’s date ahead or behind to satisfy that app. It’s generally pretty simple to do, although it varies a bit from phone to phone.

Also, be sure to turn your data off that way the app doesn’t know that something fishy is going on (this trick really only works on apps that run offline).


Disable Background Data To Save a Few MB

A lot of newer android devices have the ability to disable an app’s data unless you are using it at that moment. This can be a life saver if you are on a capped data plan. It’s generally under Settings/Apps/”App Name”/Data Usage/Disable Background Data (of course it may vary from device to device). Now the app will not use data unless it is open (although keep in mind if you were to disable background data on an app like Hangouts you will not get messages unless it’s open).


Also, as a bonus, if you are sick of an apps constant notifications you can disable notifications from that app specifically on most phones (or tablets). Just go to Settings/Apps/”App Name”/Notifications.


Get a Call Recorder

First of all, you NEED to know whether your municipality is a single or dual consent before you start recording your conversations; especially if you were to plan on using a recorded call in a court case.

However, even without recording your conversations with others (I mean, who really calls people today anyways…), there are still a lot of uses. Perhaps you get a robo call (an important one) and it’s one of those really hard to understand ones and you want to be able to play it back to better understand it. Or you are expecting an automated call but can’t take it (perhaps you’ll be at work) you can always answer it, then immediately mute your phone and listen to it later.


Or perhaps you just want to troll one of those scam calls that start with “Hello, I’m calling about your credit card” or “Hello, this is the last time we will reach you regarding your car’s extended warranty” and then keep a recording of it.



Well, I hope you found these tips useful. I tried to keep mainly towards the lesser known tips and tricks instead of just the same old ones you can find anywhere.


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A Follow Up To My Follow Up: More Than Just A Quick Pump?

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Bitcoin’s Price Is About To Do Something – PART THREE


A little over a week ago I posted this post predicting that Bitcoin would probably have a short bull run. Then, two days ago I followed it up with this post summarizing the bull run that appeared to be over. Well, it appears it may not be over.


Checking coinmarketcap.com you can see that the price has currently plateaued in a very similar fashion as it did a little over a week ago when I predicted Bitcoin’s rise. Now, a plateaued price alone can be in front of both a bull or bear, so with the recent bull run making it hard to make a call the next thing I did was go check the news on Coindesk. Turns out trading volume is up and billionare Mark Lasry just predict Bitcoin’s rise to $40,000 some day.


Now, those two seemingly random articles are actually pretty good hints at a bull run. Often times when trading volume is up we will see a rise in price lagging behind. This is often a good sign when we are at the crossroads of a bull or bear run. Second, we have a wall street investor making predictions that Bitcoin will have a major rise at some point. This creates major hype and after predictions like this we will often also see an increase in price.


Now, obviously this is no guarantee of another bull run, but things are looking positive here, and the fact we have not lost any major amount of value after the end of the last bull run strengthens the likelihood of that theory.


As always though, everybody is wrong sometimes and I’m no exception. Watch the market, do your own research, and place your bets carefully. Good Luck!


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Bitcoin’s Price Is About To Do Something – PART TWO

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A week ago I posted this post, predicting a bull run based on the market’s sideways movement. Here is my followup and short summary of the price changes since then.


At the time Bitcoin was sitting at around $6,380; it preceded to drop $200 the next day and then climb to $7,450 in the following 6 days, increasing in price by about $1,100 (more than double my guess of ~$500ish). However, given the fact that we’ve sort of plateaued I do not see this bull run lasting all that much longer (and then what it will do after that I have no idea).


As always though, remember this isn’t financial advice. I’m just a random guy on the internet speculating.


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Bitcoin’s Price Is About To Do Something (and hopefully it’ll be a bull run)

Bitcoin’s Price During The Past 7 Days

source: coinmarketcap.com

Quick Post Today:

As I have been known to say, whenever we see a a sudden change in price followed by a short period of time with no change in price there is almost always a sudden Bull or Bear run. As you can see, we appear to be gearing up for that run of some sort.


Given that Bitcoin has hovered slightly over 6k (which appears to be Bitcoin’s glass floor) the last few days I would hypothesize that that sudden change is going to be a Bull run (perhaps a jump of around 500$ in price); of course we also have to keep in mind the chance that Bitcoin has a bear run and ends up at around ~5k, although I think that is unlikely.


As always though, everybody is wrong sometimes and I’m no exception. Watch the market, do your own research, and place your bets carefully. Good Luck!


A note to my regular readers:

Like I said in my last post I’ve been fairly busy lately and writing has taken the back burner. This is the reason that the last two posts of mine have been short and spread out. Hopefully I can resume my normal pace soon.


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Happy Independence Day!

Photo by me (hence poor quality). Licensed as Public Domain, so reuse it as you wish (although credit is nice).



Happy 4th of July everyone. Have a nice night tonight and thank you to everyone who has served this country in any way!

To my Canadian readers: happy (late) Canada day, otherwise sorry to any international readers, but this portion of the post really won’t mean much to you.

Also, I figured I would take this short post to provide an update. I am going to be a bit busy for a while, and with writing taking the back burner there may be longer periods of time in between posts (in fact this is just a scheduled post, I’m probably busy right now).

If you are one of my few regular readers, don’t worry, I’ll resume in a week or two; I haven’t quit I’m just busy.